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   MOMS Club of Ashland, Massachusetts   

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MOMS Club of Ashland

The MOMS Club of Ashland is a local chapter of the International MOMS Club, a registered non-profit organization.  Our club was founded in 2003 and currently serves only the town of Ashland, Massachusetts.  We welcome moms who are looking to connect with other local mothers and encourage you to read on and consider joining our chapter!  If you are not in our area, visit the International MOMS Club website to find a chapter near you.


Our club is volunteer-based and member-driven.  An Executive Board plans and coordinates the club’s activities, but our members are what make the chapter thrive.  Members initiate and host all of the events on our monthly calendar of activities. Click here to view a sample calendar of activities.


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Benefits of Membership

The primary benefit of joining the MOMS Club of Ashland is connecting with other moms in town.  We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Activities: members host a variety of activities each month, ranging from a playdate at someone’s home, meeting for lunch or coffee, a playground outing, visiting a local attraction, an indoor or outdoor stroller walk or a craft project
  • Online Forum: provides members the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, get acquainted and connect with one another for advice, recommendations, referrals and support
  • Newsletter: published monthly, it includes announcements, club business items, upcoming calendar activities, an occasional mom friendly recipe or craft, as well as ads for member and non-member businesses
  • Playgroups: our club facilitates playgroups which are groups of moms who have children who are very close in age that get together weekly for companionship and support – and playmates as the children grow
  • Book Club: meets once a month to discuss a book chosen by the club members
  • Moms’ Night Out: a fun activity (such as bowling, karaoke, trivia/games, or a “paint night”) is scheduled once a month in order to provide an evening of adult time
  • Mothercare: after the arrival of a new baby, or in a time of a family emergency, members can request a week of meals (provided through club volunteers) to help them focus on more important things
  • Community Service: there are various drives and volunteer activities run throughout the year that members can participate in



The goals of the Ashland MOMS Club are as follows: 
  • To connect Ashland moms with other moms for support and friendship
  • To provide Ashland children with social opportunities so that they may be able to make connections and practice social skills such as turn-taking
  • To support Ashland and neighboring communities through service projects and charitable donations
  • To supply Ashland moms with information about local resources, events, and child-friendly attractions

How to Join

Becoming a member of the MOMS Club of Ashland is easy!  The only requirement is that you are a mom (or soon-to-be mom!) and live in Ashland, Massachusetts.  Our club is open to all MOMS - regardless of your child's age and whether you are home full-time, work full-time, or something in between.  Keep in mind when deciding to join, however, that the majority of our monthly activities (including playgroups) take place on weekdays.


Membership dues are $20 per year and joining is easy!  Just visit our Become a Member page and fill out the required information - then simply print the invoice and mail it with your check at the end of the signup process.  Once we receive your check you will be contacted by a member of our Executive Board to welcome you to the club.  You will also receive an email with your username and password so that you can login to the members-only area of this site and get connected with the rest of the club! 


If you have any questions or want more information, Click here to contact our Membership Vice President.


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